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  • 1986 - Package Kare founded; 5000 sq ft FDA compliant facility
  • 1986-88 - Installed 3 cu ft & 30 cu ft Formulators, began customer feasibility testing for GEMCO Blenders and Dryers
  • 1989 - Began processing hydrophobic cosmetics
  • 1991 - Developed process  for production of FDA compliant iron powder for vitamins.  Installed 3rd dryer to process orders
  • 1995-97 - Added 10,000 sq ft test lab for 150 cu ft Formulator,  and  warehouse space for increase in production of customers' materials
  • 1990's-2013 - Ongoing  research and development for process &  mechanical retrofits
  • ​2014 - Added 50 cu ft Formulator for increased capacity


I started Package Kare in 1986 as the natural off shoot to GEMCO, the world class manufacturer of powder blenders, dryers, and valves.  Package Kare, Inc. supplies GEMCO with a venue to test new prototypes and processes to ensure the most superior quality while delivering higher efficiencies. For more information on GEMCO Blenders and Dryers, please visit GEMCO.

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Package Kare supports customers with formulation development for enhanced material properties, such as smoothness, durability, and hydrophobicity in the cosmetic and personal care industries.

package kare, Inc.

Formulating Possibilities with the most sophisticated equipment in the industry,

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Casey Muench,  President


Our mission is to provide our customers with manufacturing and developmental support in reducing production cycle times, cost, and improving in the quality of their products. 

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