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Evaluate Machines and Options

Our testing laboratory can help you determine what equipment best suits your process prior to making the financial commitment to purchase capital equipment.

predict scale-up with accuracy

No more guess work on production times and capacities. Our formulas and experience combined will provide you with the most accurate scale-up estimates available.

Customers are able to use Package Kare as their very own  scale-up test facility. We can provide adequate batch sizes to run processing tests and analysis. Our multiple sized units lend customers the experience of running a full sized production run before making a capital expenditure and without restricting production runs in their own plant.

Perform Your Test and Save!

Purchase your own GEMCO within 6 months of running your test, and we will give you a credit for the cost of the days you used our laboratory towards your blender or dryer purchase.


If you answer yes to any of the challenges, we can help you!

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or to request pricing information:

George Paffendorf, Project Manager




toll processing

To obtain a toll processing quote

If you would like to consider a project with us, please complete the Lab Questionaire.  Please provide contact name and method of contact and either fax to (732) 752-5857 or email to gpaffendorf@packagekare.com.  We will review your information and get back to you with our available options.

If you prefer, we can provide you with a mutual NDA, protecting your confidential information prior to your submission of the questionaire.

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